Latest RevenueVision Release Includes Payment Tracking

Warrenton, VA – February 6th, 2014 — The Solution Design Group, Inc. (SDG) is pleased to announce that the latest release of RevenueVision® (13.09) is now available for all existing subscribers and new customers. Major new features include payment tracking and additional contract security features.

New Payment Features

RevenueVision® has long featured an easy to use checkbook paradigm for detailed tracking and analysis of incoming revenue streams. In the constant evolution of the product to meet customers’ wants and needs, RevenueVision® will now allow users to easily distinguish between when revenue is generated and when cash is received.

“The new payment feature continues our tradition of evolving RevenueVision® to meet the needs of a growing customer base, and doing our part to help colleges and universities lower the cost of education,” said SDG President and CEO, Tom Strange.

Enhanced Security Features

RevenueVision® users have discovered that the benefits of contract and revenue management extend beyond a single department. As the software is adopted across an institution, it becomes necessary to permit the control of which individuals and groups can view and edit information. The 13.09 release introduces security control at the contract level, allowing users to specify who can and cannot view and update individual contracts.

Continuous Improvement

There are a number of other smaller improvements made to the software with each release. SDG employs an Agile software development methodology. “Our Agile methodology allows for incremental improvements and changes based on customer feedback.  With frequent releases we ensure that latest technology is being leveraged to make our customers lives easier” said SDG Chief Technology Officer, Steven Peacock.

About RevenueVision®

RevenueVision® is a web based “software as a service” solution that has been designed and developed specifically for the higher education community to optimize the management of auxiliary enterprise relationships. RevenueVision® is available on a monthly or annual subscription basis directly from SDG. (

About The Solution Design Group, Inc. (SDG)

SDG is a software development firm that focuses on serving the public sector and higher education communities with innovative software as a service solutions. SDG’s offices are in Warrenton, Virginia and Orlando, Florida.   (

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