Technology in business auxiliary services

How Technology is Changing Higher Ed

Technology has permeated nearly every aspect of higher education. From online or hybrid class offerings to full-fledged online degree programs and even educational apps that enhance classroom learning, students, faculty, and staff are all familiar with technology’s increasing role... Read More
How to make data driven decisions in higher education

Why Data Usage in Higher Education is Essential

Despite the clear benefits of incorporating data-driven decision making into higher education, a recent report shows that many institutions have yet to develop a plan for implementing data across their many departments. Notably, 81% of higher education institutions report that they... Read More
How to manage budgets in higher education

A Long Way to Go for Revenues in Higher Education

In early April of this year, four-year colleges and universities in Alabama got some good news: a 4% budget increase totaling $42 million. This came on the heels of Standard and Poor’s assessment that the outlook for higher education in 2018 is, to put it plainly, “bleak”. Of... Read More
The importance of electronic data in auxiliary services

Why Asking for Electronic Data is Important

Electronic data has many obvious advantages over mountains of paper files. In fact, institutions that have contracted auxiliary services collect so much data that, in the past, vendors would provide the information in stacks of 100 to 200 pages! This data usually consisted of monthly... Read More

Battling Food Waste with Data Insights

More than 22 million pounds of uneaten food is thrown away on college campuses every year, according to Food Recovery Network. That means that the average college student wastes an average 142 pounds of food per year! Food waste doesn’t only hurt dining locations on campus, it also... Read More
How big data produces better results for auxiliary services

Big Data + Small Changes = Better Results

Big data, meaning all transaction information, is undoubtedly a driver of change in the auxiliary services department of higher education institutions. After all, you can’t make proactive decisions about your business unless you have a good understanding of the data behind it. Oftentimes,... Read More
Boost commissions with a vendor management system

Simple Steps to Boost Your Vendor Commissions

Commissions can be a very significant source of revenue for auxiliary services departments at colleges and universities. However, the amount that vendors owe you could be miscalculated; meaning, your school is being underpaid. Let’s take a look at the reasons for validating your... Read More